Having entered into service in Adana in 2003, our firm started its career in the sector with the production of membrane press and cnc wood working machines.

We have been developing our vision and technology day by day through our experienced and specialized staff in order to be able to keep up with the changes and innovations in the wood working machines, production sector and to follow a parallel route to this.

Built on a 7000 m² land, our firm coordinates departments of production, sales and technical services together.

60% of our sales of machines meet the consumers abroad and 40% of it meet, at home. So far we have 3000 references for the vacuum membrane press and 400 references for the cnc wood working.

The production capacity has been increased, planning to produce 240 pieces of vacuum membrane press and 96 pieces of wood working machines annually. The products and the firm have the certificates of ce, ıso, tse-hyb, after-service sufficiency and brand registration certificates. Our firm offers high level of customer satisfaction thanks to its quality products, after-sale technical services and the support of spare parts.


In addition to being a 15-year producer, makser is a firm of engineering, consultation and service. We determine the needs of the customers correctly, and move fast and eloborately to give the best service before and after the sale. We renew ourselves constantly by taking use of the highest technology fruitfully. The philosophy and reason why makser exist is to contribute to the success of the firms we offer service to, and make it easier for them. That is why we are always reliable and respected.